“ Go where you feel most alive.”

For some answer for this line is mountains, and if you are one of them then manali is just the right place for you.

Are you an adventure lover? Are you looking for peaceful place away from all the hustle and bustle? OR are you just looking for just a weekend getaway?

Manali has it all…

In this video you can watch my solo trip to manali


There are two ways through which you can reach here ie. , airways and roadways, but in my opinion coming here through road is the best way as you will get a scenic view from your window seat with snow caped mountains and a rushing river on one side. A volvo bus from chandigarh will cost you around RS 1000 and airplane ticket will cost you around RS6000 from chandigarh to kullu.


Traveling solo or with friends?
What about hostels? manali has a wide range of hostels, from backpackers panda to zostel, they all are in manali at a super affordable price starting from RS299.

view from common room of backpackers panda manali

I had my best time in this hostel and shared a lot of memories in the common room as sitting in the common room of any hostel is a great way to socialize and meet new and amazing people.

Bonus: if you are traveling with friends, then book a hostel in old manali.


Wondering what’s so special about this place?

Well the answer is in it’s environment….Fresh air, snow caped mountains, sound of flowing river.

So now you have reached here and have a place to sleep, now what next?


HIDIMBA DEVI TEMPLE locally known as Dhungari Temple located in old manali near the van vihar surrounded by the tall maple trees.
It is an ancient cave temple dedicated to Hidimba Devi, wife of Bhima, a figure in the Indian epic Mahabharata.


Van vihar is for you if you want to sit and relax in a forest….. there will be complete silence except the singing birds and river.
If you are here with your family then you can also have a picnic day here.


 Jogni falls is a waterfall which is loacted near vashisht temple. It is a 15 to 20 minutes trek from vashisht temple which goes through the beautiful vashisht village. It is in the outskirts of manali and i suggest you to take walk to this beautiful place.


From worshiping temples to getting lost in the forest….from a himachali village to waterfalls…. now ready to play in snow and be a kid again?

Come to solang valley and take the rope way worth RS 600 and get on the top of the mountains. Just be aware of the scammers you will find there who will convince you to rent fancy snow suits, DON’T FALL FOR IT.


  • “As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.”

Almost everyone dreams of traveling solo at least once in their life, but are afraid of some thing or another. If you are one of them then you have come to the right place…

You know you have a heart of a traveler and wants to explore the world!! Then what is stopping you?

I got your back with the list of things you need to know to feed on your wanderlust.


motivation” is just a 10 letter word, but it could mean everything. It is something which will make you step out of your comfort zone. The most common excuse everyone make is that “I got no friends with whom i could travel”. Ask your self that is it even an excuse? According to me every excuse is just a lie which you tell to yourself. If you really are an explorer then this excuse should not bother you as “traveling is all about exploring” and you will explore new people which who knows will become more than just your friends. So just have enough motivation to  step out of your home and the rest will be history.


What if i get lost?…what if i get robbed?…what if nobody knows my language?I think i should just forget the thought of traveling solo.Most of you have already related yourself to this situation. Do not worry, it is just another phase which you need to overcome before you go to the whole new world.

Now i have a question for all of you… how do you feel safe when you are at your home? I know you must be thinking that what a stupid question is this. Here the message is that if you really have decided to go out in this world and in return this world will be your new home.


what if i meet on one?…what if i have a feeling of isolation?AH!! I don’t want to make my life a nightmare because at last everyone needs someone to share their day.Is that what’s stopping you next?Cheer up! in my experience of traveling solo i have never actually been alone. I was always surrounded by the people who had the same passion as i do. Even at some point if was all alone, it was not that bad after all. You get to know a lot more about yourself which was before a mystery.


YES!!! you can do whatever you want to…. you can be whatever you want to…. you can go wherever you want to….there will be no one stopping youSounds fun?Then what are you waiting for?Waiting for the right time?You have to keep in mind that there is no such thing as the right time. No one knows that if he will get to live another day. So don’t waste your time making excuses and do it now.